Can we make import_id max length longer than 36 chars?

I just started testing my integration, and I'm using the Plaid service to get transactions from the bank to send over to YNAB. However, the Plaid transaction_id is 38 characters long so it's just too long, and I get an error back from YNAB saying the max is 36 characters for the import_id. Is there a reason it's capped at 36?

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  • Import id is a part of YNAB’s duplicate detection. It’s not meant to store another bank’s transaction identifiers.


    From the endpoint documentation:


    If the Transaction was imported, this field is a unique (by account) import identifier. If this transaction was imported through File Based Import or Direct Import and not through the API, the import_id will have the format: 'YNAB:[milliunit_amount]:[iso_date]:[occurrence]'. For example, a transaction dated 2015-12-30 in the amount of -$294.23 USD would have an import_id of 'YNAB:-294230:2015-12-30:1’. If a second transaction on the same account was imported and had the same date and same amount, its import_id would be 'YNAB:-294230:2015-12-30:2’.

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      Wessel I understand its purpose. I would argue that a bank transaction ID is exactly what should be used for the import_id as it is (a) unique and (b) perfectly links a transaction between the bank and YNAB to avoid creating duplicates.


      For File Based and Direct Imports, YNAB just sets it to these schemes for their own duplicate detection upon a subsequent file or direct import. But, for API Imports, it should perfectly link to a bank transaction in my opinion.

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