Feature Request - Spending Trends Drill-Down

I would like to see the ability to drill down further into the spending trends report.  Right now, it shows a trend for overall, and a trend for master category.  It makes no sense to me that I can't see a trend for a subcategory.

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    If you click on the individual category group names, the drop down will show you your individual categories.  I believe this is what you are looking for.  

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  • Hi rlogue06 !

    Try clicking on the Spending report sections like TryingToGetAhead mentioned and let me know what you think! If you're looking for more than that, let me know and I can run it by our development team! :)

  • Here's my example:

    Master Category - "Committed Expenses"

    Sub Category - "Monthly Power Bill"


    When I go to trending reports, it begins by showing me the graphical trend of my "all categories" or overall spending.


    When I click on the graphic trend representing "Committed Expenses", it changes the graphic to show the trend for all of my committed expenses.


    When I click any of the graphic trends representing any of my committed expenses, it pops up a window showing the individual transactions.  I think when I click on one of the representations of the subcategories, it should show another trend chart or level with the subcategory trend.


    In other words, if I want to see my trend for my power bill, I start with the "all categories", click "committed expenses", then click "power bill" (or phone bill, so on...).


    Right now, to see a subcategory trend, I have to select it via checkmark specifically.  I think it stops short one level if that makes sense.  This is how it used to work in YNAB 4 I believe.

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    • rlogue06 Thank you for sending over those details! I hope you don't mind if I ask another question or two! :)

      So, after clicking on the "Monthly Power Bill" sub category, would you be looking for another graph based on Payee or another factor? Right now, it lists all transactions in that section, so a graph would need a way to organize them - what would be your preference there?

      • rlogue06
      • rlogue06
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      Faness  I would just like to see the subcategory graph.  I would like to see my power bill trend for whatever time period I have selected.

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    • rlogue06 Got it! Thank you! :)

      I'll send this over to our development team for further consideration. If there's anything else you'd like for me to pass along, please don't hesitate to let me know!

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