Automate moving money between budgets?

This would be a great feature for me.  I could setup an automatic transfer from Groceries-Monthly to Groceries-Weekly.  This way I could still know I am covered for the month for groceries, but because I would check my Groceries-Weekly for how much I have this week, I am not encouraged to overspend at the beginning of the month.

If there is a good workaround I am happy to hear it..  Thanks!!    

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  • If I am understanding what you are saying is you have say $500 budgeted for the month, but the first week have only put in $125. Right?  It will only show what is available to spend, but be orange in the background letting you know your goal is underfunded for the month. 

  • You can't transfer amounts between budgets - did you mean categories?  You can do that with a split transaction.  In any account, create a transaction for $0:  one split should be an outflow from the Groceries-Monthly category and the other split should be the same amount as an inflow to the Groceries-Weekly category.  You can also set it up as recurring so that it happens every week.

  • I hope I understood what you're trying to do...

    You can put in an entry under the appropriate account that's funding the category, and select the transaction date that you'd like to have it occur/begin. In that same date box, just below the pop-up calendar - mark it as a recurring entry and set it for weekly.

    It should then transfer funds weekly, from one account or category into another.

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