Confused About Two Accounts/Budgets???


For years I've managed 1 account in YNAB and 1 budget. I decided to add my second account which I use sometimes for savings. So last month I added 300 dollars to the saving account (let's call this account B and my main account is A). 

So this month I decided to use some of my savings (as usual) and that brought down the 300 dollars to let's say 30 dollars. So I went to my account B's spreadsheet and added a transaction and the amount went down to 30 dollars. 

The problem I'm having now is that I noticed in my budgeting interface, there's a red marking showing that I have overspent in a certain category. When that happens, I usually click on the red marking and select cover this overspending with "inflow: to be budgeted". The problem now is that it's deducting it from my Account A's budget... I don't want it to do that. I had money in Account B and I used the money to buy something. Why does it need to take it from the Account A's budget? 

I'm so confused now. I tried deleting Account B but now I can't even do that cuz it's telling me I need to transfer those 300 dollars to Account A which will wreck things. 

Any ideas how I can solve this?

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