Transactions from one card of a two card account not importing

Hi folks, I have an AMEX account which is in my name, but which is shared by me and my wife.  She has a separate card with a separate number, but both cards charge to the same account.

When I add the account to auto-import it sees the account and sees both cards as separate cards, but for some reason only my card (the primary card) shows transactions and my wife's card has no transactions on it.  It's not that her transactions show up on mine which would actually be fine, its that those transactions are completely missing.




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  • Hi N! nj_ynab

    Just to confirm, you've added your wife's account separately, but transactions still aren't importing, correct? Due to how Amex handles joint accounts (giving each card a separate account number, even though it's the same account), our Direct Import partner isn't able to have both card's transactions import into the same account. However, if set up separately, transactions should still import into the second account.

    If that account is separate, but still isn't importing, let me know and we can take a closer look! :)

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      • Gray Nomad
      • Gray_Nomad.5
      • 2 mths ago
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      Faness This problem just began in November of 2018 - what has changed with how AMEX is importing the two card transactions?

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    • Hi Gray Nomad !

      We've been seeing this issue since before November of 2018. We were able to convince our Direct Import partner that this isn't how those accounts should be behaving, so they're working on a new account integration so those transactions all import into the same account. 

      As of now, our Direct Import partner only allows for separate connections to each of these credit card accounts.

      This leaves two options:

      1. You can create another Amex account for the secondary card holder using their login credentials and connect it separately so it imports transactions that were made on that card. Make sure it has the same start date as the main Amex account, and change the starting balance amount to 0.00. When transactions import, you can then move them to the main account by selecting the transactions and going to Edit > Move to Account.

      Once you import the transactions, you'll want to change the starting balance transaction to today's date. This will prevent the majority of those transactions that you just imported (and moved over to the primary account) from importing a second time.

      2. Alternatively (and recommended) you can connect one budget account to the most active card and use File-Based Importing to fill in the gaps for the rest. The good news is it's super easy to download a QFX from Amex (it's the "Quicken" option), and then drag and drop a file containing your transactions right into YNAB. Even if transactions are importing from one card, when you drop in the QFX of the entire account, it will skip over the ones you already imported—no need to worry about duplicates!

      I'm sorry -- I know neither of those options are quite as ideal as being able to have it all import into one account! We're hoping this won't be an issue for much longer!

      Let me know if I can help with anything else or if you have any questions about all that. 

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