Have trouble connecting to BMO (Bank of Montreal) in Vancouver BC

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  • I'm having a similar problem with my bank. 

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      • Jannelle
      • jannelle_ynabsupport
      • 9 mths ago
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      Hey Orange Piano !

      It looks like Kody got in touch with you over at help@ynab.com, so you're in good hands! 馃槉

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  • Hi Salmon Storm !

    I just reached out from help@ynab.com so we can be sure to get back to you when our Direct Import partner fixes up the BMO issue (it's widespread right now!).

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  • BMO is now Working for Me in Toronto

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  • Also having problems with BMO, doesn't even show up in my bank options. 

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  • I should add that I am also in Vancouver 

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  • I am having the same issue with BMO and also with TD Canada trust

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  • Hi davstr and Purple Tugboat !

    Sorry for the trouble! Our Direct Import partner is still investigating issues with BMO and TD Canada. I've asked them for an update, specifically on why BMO has disappeared for some users, but we haven't heard back yet. I'm keeping an eye on things, but you can also watch our status page for updates!

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    • Faness BMO has disappeared for all users, and it appears to be a known issue with YNAB with the linked import. I signed up for a trial but have not been able to use the full functionality due to this issue. And considering the fact that YNAB outsources this process, it allows them to say 'it is not us'. 

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      • Lolo
      • lolo
      • 7 mths ago
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      Alicia Butter I just signed up for the free trial but am a BMO customer so I guess I won't get to really do a trial .... I wonder if YNAB will extend my trial once they have resolved the issue? 

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    • Hi Alicia Butter !

      Even though we do outsource direct import, we know that it has a big impact on your experience with YNAB overall. Our Direct Import partner is currently working on repairing that connection and BMO is now showing as an option for some users. We've asked for an update on this issue and hopefully we'll see things back up and running in the near future. 

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    • Hi Lolo !

      We can't make any promises for when this issue will be resolved, but we'd be more than happy to extend your trial! I sent you a quick email. :)

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    • Alicia Butter Same here

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    • Tomato Motherboard Sorry for the trouble! We haven't been able to resolve the issue with BMO thus far. We're still working with our import partner, but they've let us know this will be a longterm issue. We'll continue to work on a solution, but it will be a while before we're able to offer a stable connection to BMO.

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  • Thanks for the updates! Keep us posted

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  • Is there any update on this? It has been months...

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    • Hi Alicia Butter ! Our Direct Import partner is still working on this with BMO. We don't have any news just yet. When we have news鈥攚e'll post here, and on our Status Page!

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  • Checking back on the status of this issue, don't see any mention on the Status page. Really impacting my ability to effectively budget :( One of the things I loved most about YNAB is the auto import, and without it I struggle to keep up. Hope this issue is resolved soon. 

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    • Hi Randi & David Beaton !

      Sorry for the trouble! Our Direct Import partner let us know this will be a long standing issue with BMO. They haven't given up, but it will most likely be a long term issue. 

      While we hope you find YNAB to be valuable in ways other than just Direct Import, we know it's a big factor when it comes to subscribing (or continuing to subscribe) and we very much dislike the thought of letting you down on this. When you have a moment, please take a look at our other transaction entry options. We know they're not the same as direct import, but we hope you find them helpful!

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  • Signed up to try your service and the lack of BMO interaction basically renders this useless for me.  If you ever get it figured out, let me know and I'll try you again if you extend another trial.  Thanks.

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    • Hi Pink Orca ! We'd be happy to restart your trial, when you're ready to give YNAB another try. Just let us know!

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  • Truly, hero to zero... 


    We became YNABers back in November of 2017 and it changed our life. As a couple who was constantly working out of our checking account overdraft, we were transformed into a couple who at times saw 30+ days in our Age of Money and paid off tens of thousands of dollars. 


    And then we started experiencing integration issues with BMO a few months ago and since the wheels have fallen off. Direct Import truly is not the answer. It is not smart enough to identify all duplicates for instances where we add the transaction, and then do a DI a couple weeks later... if the vendor name that comes from our bank export differs from the vendor name we used the day of the transaction it results in a duplicate that must be manually reconciled and if you are like us, we have hundreds of transactions in a span of a couple weeks.


    We really only have a one option and that is to NOT log transactions as they happen daily (like we used to do) and rather rely on doing a DI for each of our accounts on a weekly or biweekly basis, assign to categories and course correct our spending accordingly. This does not work with the 4 rules of YNAB for me, and is a functionally flawed solution.


    Honestly YNAB, it has been MONTHS and your "Direct Import Partner" has still not corrected the issue. I work in software and know all about API integrations and 12 weeks to fix (0r even rebuild) an integration is a crazy length of time, and I would almost say it is now unacceptable.  This integration rebuild must have a scope of work, and that scope of work must have an estimated effort to complete, and based on that your Direct Import Partner must have some idea of when this issue will be resolved.


    Sad to say, if you respond again with no forecasted completion date, I am going to be walking away from you as a software provider and going to another service who DOES have an active integration established with my bank so that I can have a functional budget again.


    Really hoping that you prioritize this YNAB, I am so disappointed. 

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      • Beige Koala
      • Beige_Koala.2
      • 5 mths ago
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      Randi & David Beaton 

      On point. I鈥檝e also worked in software development and the partner has either decided to put BMO so far down the priority list, or there鈥檚 some legal reason why they can鈥檛 do it. 鈥淟ong-standing issue鈥 isn鈥檛 very clear. Every other live import service works fine with BMO right now, so it鈥檚 not a technical issue.


      I鈥檓 finding YNAB to be a real pain as well, my wife and I both log transactions but there are always some that slip through (and many more that don鈥檛 get matched properly) and I spend hours cleaning things up every couple of weeks when I do a direct import. 


      I don鈥檛 want YNAB to take hours of my life. I鈥檓 committed to learning the system and may decide to subscribe after my trial ends, but as soon as we鈥檝e mastered budgeting, we鈥檒l go to Mint + a shared spreadsheet if it鈥檚 going to take me the same amount of time and cost me $0. 


      It鈥檚 a shame because you guys put a lot of effort into the product and your customer support, but you鈥檝e partnered with someone that鈥檚 hurting your brand, and evidently, your sales too.  

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    • Randi & David Beaton Also working in software I see that this being a issue for this long is a major red flag. I just opened my trial and will be cancelling it and going back to Mint after reading this thread.  It also definitely doesn't help that BMO is not even listed on their "status" page, another major red flag for me.

      The only way that i can see it taking this long is that BMO doesn't want to integrate with YNAB anymore and may have purposely broken the connection. This may also not be the case, but I have been in that exact situation with another software.

      I really do hope this can all get sorted though so I can give this a try

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    • Purple Device Randi & David Beaton agree with you both.

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    • Randi & David Beaton Beige Koala Purple Device Gray Transistor

      I wish I had better news, but at the moment the future of direct import for BMO is undetermined.

      We鈥檙e truly sorry for any and all budgeting disruptions this causes you. I know Direct Import issues like the ones you've been experiencing are incredibly frustrating. They disrupt your ability to manage your finances, and that's certainly something we try our absolute best to avoid. 

      To be completely upfront, data aggregation is imperfect. It's an unfortunate truth, but it's a truth nonetheless. It's expected that there will be bumps in the road, and while we do everything we possibly can to fix them as quickly as possible, it's just not something we have the power to eliminate (and trust me, we really wish we did).

      Banks frequently make changes to their security settings, websites, or data files - and these are all things our Direct Import partner needs to manually fix. We do expect the majority of connections to work without issue the majority of the time, but occasional hiccups are expected from time to time and more expansive issues can take an extended amount of time to repair. 

      I know that's not the answer you want. Frankly, I don't like it very much myself. But it's the truth, and I want to be clear about it. 

      We believe very deeply that YNAB is worth the cost without Direct Import. If this one feature causes more trouble than it's worth, you can absolutely use YNAB鈥攁nd get the full benefit鈥攚ithout it. There are many other ways to get your transactions, including entry on your mobile device and File Based Importing

      If those options are not satisfactory to you, I understand that as well. Given the imperfect nature of transaction aggregation, it might mean that YNAB just isn't the best option for you. If that's the case, we completely understand. We do offer a money back guarantee and we're more than happy to refund you for any time still remaining in your trial. If you'd like to cancel, you can write in to help@ynab.com or let me know and we'll reach out via email.

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    • Faness Maybe you need a new direct import partner? 5 months seems like a long time for it not be fixed... And there is still no mention of any issues on the status page.

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    • Slate Blue Welder Since we've introduced the Direct Import feature, we're on our third provider鈥攆or more reliable connections, more financial institution options, and to improve response time for troubleshooting issues. We're always looking for improvements and alternatives, so we're still exploring options.

      At this time, our Direct Import partner does not support connections to BMO. Since it isn't being offered as a direct import option, it isn't listed on our status page. I understand how that can be confusing and I'll send this feedback along to our development team.

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  • I was so excited to start using this app but it is very disappointing that BMO doesn't connect. 

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    • Hi Alice Blue Vacuum !

      Sorry for the trouble! Our Direct Import partner is still working on fixing the connection with BMO.

      We have a few other features to help make entering transactions easy and fast in the meantime:

       - File-Based Importing

       - Scheduled Transactions

       - Mobile Apps

      I hope you'll give them a try! :)

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  • I was going to switch from mint to ynab but because of that I won't. BTW, mint has no issue connecting to BMO accounts. 

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    • Silver Nomad 

      We do use a different Direct Import partner than Mint. In fact, Mint just so happens to have a monopoly on Intuit, who owns them. 

      Awareness of spending is a big part of why YNAB works and we're totally unique in that our method leans more heavily on active engagement. That means entering transactions as you spend plays a big role in that. Using that in conjunction with direct import (for filling in where you may have missed), is what we had in mind when we introduced the feature. We know a lot of users rely on it quite a bit, so we鈥檙e always re-evaluating and exploring options based on feedback and customer research.

      We completely understand your decision not to switch to YNAB now, but we hope you'll consider giving YNAB another chance in the future! :)

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    • Faness thanks for your answer. To me the direct import is a deal killer as I will not manually enter an expense every time I do a transaction. File import is not a realistic approach either as I have many different accounts. Do you have any idea of whether or not this will be fixed and if yes what would be the timeframe?

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    • Faness The issue I have personally with the Direct Import method is it's super easy to screw up. It takes one checkbox of accidentally clicking the adjust for time zone, then I have to manually go through and fix all the duplicate records. It can become quite a pain sometimes.

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    • Steel Blue Transistor I hope you don't mind me stepping in here!

      Our Direct Import partner let us know this will be a long standing issue with BMO. They haven't given up, but it will most likely be long term. We鈥檙e optimistic they鈥檒l be able to repair the integration, but they aren't able to offer us a timeline on a fix.

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    • Hi Cadet Blue Vacuum ! Sorry you're having trouble there! Is that with File-Based Importing? If you accidentally check that time zone box, and that causes trouble with your import鈥攈it the Undo button in the web app!

      That will remove the incorrect transactions, and you can drag & drop the file one more time, to import those correctly. That should save you some time making adjustments!

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    • Nicole Thanks, I will try that next time.

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  • Shoot, just found this thread. I'm with BMO, also in Vancouver. I've got a 2 month free trial, could I get it put on hold please?

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    • Hi Coral Cleric ! We don't have the option to pause the trial, and would be happy to restart it when you're ready to give YNAB another spin.

      In the meantime, we hope you鈥檒l give one (or more!) of our other transaction entry methods a try. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Are there any updates on BMO's integration with YNAB? I noticed it's not even listed on the status page anymore.

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    • Hi Steel Blue Wrench! At this time, our import partner does not support connections to BMO. We aren't giving up, and are optimistic they鈥檒l be able to repair the integration eventually鈥攂ut for now, we've been told it will be a long term issue.

      Since it isn't currently being offered as a direct import option, it isn't listed on the status page. I'm sorry for the confusion there! 

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    • Nicole Is this resolved yet? I'd like to start using YNAB but am with BMO

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    • Tomato Motherboard 

      After much effort and investigation, our import partner let us know this is going to be a difficult and time-intensive process to resolve the issue with BMO, and while we鈥檙e optimistic the integration will be repaired eventually, we rarely (read: never) can estimate the timeline for a fix.

      However, YNAB can still be used, even without direct import! I hope you'll give our other transaction entry options a try! 

      If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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  • Hi 

    I am also using BMO as my primary bank, and would like to use YNAB. I would like to upvote this issue to be resolved.


    Faness FYI, BMO is a big bank in Canada. I think YNAB shall prioritize this issue to keep YNAB users from Canada.


    Thank you!

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    • Hi Gold Android !

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here! We understand that BMO is a very popular financial institution and we're doing our best to improve the direct import experience. We'll continue to work on a resolution for this issue, but it's going to take some time.

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  • Hi,

    after evaluating YNAB, I like it, but BMO connection is a deal breaker, because I heavily use that bank.

    Thank you for offering the trial. 

    How could I stop the trial?

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    • Thanks for giving it a try, Hui Zheng ! We're sorry to see you go, but we understand if it's not the best option for you . I sent you an email with the steps to delete your account. Let me know if you have any questions!

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