When Goal comes through, the category goes negative

I've just set up my budget and created a goal for my student loan.  The bill came through and now the category is showing negative!  I'm new and have watched the video three times and still feeling a little confused.

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  • I think I figured out why.  Now, I'm just trying to balance things.

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      Orange Chef Just to be sure - it turned red because you didn't budget any funds to the category. Setting a goal does not allocate any funds to your categories, it just says what the allocation should be.

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  • Hi Orange Chef — Welcome to You Need A Budget!😀

    That Student Loan payment came through, but you hadn't budgeted for it yet. You'll need to add funds directly to the category in your Budgeted column, or move money to cover the red overspending. That should change the red bubble to a gray, $0.00.

    I wanted to include a little of information about what each column means—let me know if you have any questions!

    The Budgeted column is where you budget money. That is where you give your dollars their job to do when you receive income. That column is reset to zero at the beginning of every new month.

    The Activity column is the sum of all transactions that have been made in that category for the current month. If you click it, you will see a breakdown of all those transactions. 

    The Available column is what you will look at to guide your spending decisions. It is the amount you have available to spend. Any money left in the Available column will carry over into the next month, which you will add to by budgeting more.

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