How can I see the history of the budgeted category?

I know I can click on the activity category and see all the transactions that have occurred for the category.  However, I'm trying to see the history of the budgeted section for a category.  I have several categories that I budget money into those several times during the month-but don't always remember what I've done.  Is there a way to see this?

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  • Hi, Melinda

    No. It's not possible.  The budgeted column shows the cumulative  positive or negative change for the entire month and not the possibly multiple changes you made to achieve the final number.

    If I'm paid weekly and add $25 + $25 +$25 to a category in the first three weeks and then change my mind and reallocate the first $75 to a different category  in the fourth week, the budgeted column for that category will display 0.

  • Your best bet is to get to the point where you can push all income into the following month. Then you can budget in month-sized chunks all at once.

    Until then, try to develop a consistent process with what you do with a given check. You might possibly use the monthly note field to help track a few troublesome categories.

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