New to YNAB -- question about lump sum expenses

First time poster, long time ineffective user of other budgeting sites. 


We really love the YNAB construct of money having jobs. We *get* how that works for monthly expenses like food and electricity.


But we're having trouble figuring out YNAB's recommendation for things that don't happen monthly. 2 examples:


1) Big annual vacation

2) Once every 5 years big home improvement


We live within our means and have savings we can spend, so this is less about how to save up for something in the future as it is about using YNAB to capture what we spend and where. 


1) Big annual vacation details. Let's say the vacation is $1200 and happens every April. Right now, we have a $100 monthly budget for April Vacation. Is that a good starting point? If so, what do we do every month that isn't April -- how do we treat that $100 in YNAB? And then, what do we do in April with the actual expenses.


2) Big home improvement: every 5 years. Let's say this one costs $60,000. So right now we have a monthly budget of $1k for Big Home Improvement. Same question as above - what do we do every month with that line item, and then what do we do with the actual expenses that happen 5 years from now? 


Hopefully this is clear! Thanks, in advance!

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