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I am confused. I have a number of accounts that are considered tracking accounts, and I have some pretty hefty payments. Why are these not included in the budgeting? I have to pay money each month, and it decreases the amount of money I have to spend on my budget.

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  • You need to make a category for those payments and budget for them. 

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  • So it does go into budget?

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      Stacey Shore If you say, owe a car payment, you need to have a category called "car payment" where you budget for, and record the payment. When you budget, you'll budget $200 or whatever to the car payment category, and when you pay, you will categorize the $200 payment to that category. 

      Whether you also have a corresponding tracking account for the car loan is up to you. Personally, I find tracking installment loans a waste of my time since I use a different app for calculating my net worth.  Here's the rationale on why you probably shouldn't track a loan:

      And here's how to do it if you insist:

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