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One of my friends was so impressed with what YNAB has done that he's signed up for the free trial. One of his first questions was "How do I get the app installed?" which seemed like a simple question since he also has an Apple device like I do, running iOS 9 (9.3.6, to be precise.) The App Store version requires iOS 11, however there must be some version that works on iOS 9.3.6 since I'm currently looking at it. I have an iPad and he has an iPhone, so there could be some difference there.

How can he get an iOS 9 compatible version of YNAB?

Ironically, one of the things he hopes YNAB will help with is saving enough money for a new phone. :-)

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  • If you're unable to upgrade from iOS9, then I assume your iPad is an iPad 4 or older and the phone is an iPhone 5 or older, which means they're running older 32-bit chips from Apple (A6 or earlier). In which case, YNAB isn't going to work with those devices or with iOS9 at all.

    iOS 11 and 12 can run on an iPhone 5s or newer and an iPad Air or newer - you don't necessarily need a brand new phone.

  • Yes, this is on an iPad 3 and/or iPhone 4s. I know a functional YNAB exists somewhere for the iPad 3 since I'm looking at it. It's my hope that something similar exists for the iPhone 4s so I can get my friend building good transaction entry habits from the start.

    • Hi Silver Hail !

      I wish I had better news, but currently the YNAB mobile app requires iOS 10 or later to run on an Apple device. It's compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, but that's when using iOS 10 or later.

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      Silver Hail  Previously downl;oaded apps are usually available on the iOS store long after support is discontinued, so if you (or your friend) had previously downloaded a version of YNAB that works on iOS 9, under that same account you can download that version.

      AFAIK, the prior version of YNAB did work on iOS 9 (and in fact earlier) but the current supported version never has.

      edit* You won't be able to search for the app in the usual way, but if you go to your "purchased" tab, it should be there.

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      Woolloomooloo Yes, the tricky part is, as a new user, he has never downloaded the still-compatible app before. Sometimes there's a secret URL where older apps may be found, but it does not look like the case here.

    • Silver Hail We're able to provide a link to a previous version for Android devices. Unfortunately, there is no way around this for iOS. Due to security protocols, it's difficult to get any software in the Apple ecosystem without downloading it via the App Store.

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