Transfer funds/To be budgeted issues.

I want to transfer money from my savings to my checking account.  At the same time, I want to put that money into "to be budgeted."  But, using the "transfer" under categories in the Savings closes me off from putting that money into "to be budgeted".

I recognize that YNAB budgets even the savings.  But for some strange reason, I don't have it budgeted.  Not even in hidden categories.

So, what happens is two situations:

1.  Either, I add money in checking and put it into 'to be budgeted' and then outflow money in savings.  But this then asks me to choose a budget category to take funds from. 

2. Or, I transfer money properly but can't put it into 'to be budgeted'.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

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  • If the Savings Account is an on budget account and your TBB is 0, the money is some where in your categories. So what makes you think it is not included in your categories?

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  • If I have $5 for a burger in my back pocket, moving it to my front pocket doesn't change the fact I'm still planning to use it for a burger. Accounts are like pockets -- they are merely locations.

    Read this for more details. It takes many people several reads to really grasp all the ramifications of the location/purpose independence, so keep at it until it makes sense.

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  • You have to do two steps here. 
    1. Transfer in YNAB using the Transfer To/From from savings to checking.
    2. Whatever category you are taking the money from and moving to TBB, you just move the money in YNAB. 

    You're forgetting the money is already allocated to a job. As someone else mentioned, where it lives really doesn't matter. Obviously it does for reconciliation, but not for the purposes of where the money goes.

    I'd also question why you're moving money to TBB. You really should give it a category.

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  • Hi Joshua Morgan !

    The advice above is correct. Transferring funds between accounts doesn't add those funds back to To Be Budgeted - they have to be moved from your other categories.

    To double-check that your savings are already included in your budget, you can do a quick self audit.

    1. Advance to next month's budget or the furthest in the future you can go, if you've been budgeting ahead. (The math is easier there, because all overspending is covered.)
    2. In the right sidebar, when no categories are selected, you’ll see your Total Available amount, which is the sum of the Available column.
    3. Add that to the amount you have left To be Budgeted and any amount Budgeted in Future, if applicable. Let’s stop here for a minute, just in case your To be Budgeted was negative. If it is, you would need to subtract it from Total Available, because that means you’ve given jobs to funds you don’t yet have. Preferably though, you would go back to this month’s budget and budget less in a few categories until To be Budgeted is back in the green at zero.
    4. Now, add up the cash in your accounts. That includes checking, savings, and cash accounts, plus any positive balances on credit cards if applicable.
    5. Your totals in step 3 and 4 should match up exactly.

    Now, if you’d like any dollars to be in a different category, you can confidently move money. I hope that helps! Let me know if you still have questions, I’m happy to help! :)

  • Thanks.  I went through the process of what you said, Faness.  It all worked out. 

    I guess it was a case of seeing what I wanted to see.  I knew all dollars are given a job.  So,  I counted up all the money that was allocated in my budget categories.  And, well, it equaled my budget amount. 

    Good reason for seeing what I wanted to see.  We just had a baby.  My wife works and took off 8 weeks.  She gets only 2 weeks vacation and no maternity leave (her company has less than 20 employees).  Our tax returns covered 4 weeks.  That left 2 weeks of getting funds from somewhere.  I guess I wanted to believe that my savings could magically help.

    Looks like I'll be dipping into to my "new vehicle" future savings budget category. 

    Thanks, all, for the replies.  We appreciate it.

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      Joshua Morgan I did the same thing when I started. I had used my accounts as savings "buckets" and when I set up YNAB I didn't set up a corresponding "savings" bucket. Then about 3 months in I realized I had assigned my savings account to other jobs. Ooops. I think it is a common error people make when they move from the "the money in this account is for x".  I went even further with YNAB a few months later and moved my off budget RESP (registered education savings plan) account to be "on budget". I made sure I set up a corresponding university category. This was very helpful in that it gave me a very clear picture of how I was going to fund university. I then went even further and broke down the university category into categories for each year and between tuition and living. I will try to find the link where I explain it. That gave me the clarity to see exactly when I needed money and how much I had. 


      Here's the link to that post.  Its really long but it details the evolution of my YNAB budget and how I set up the university stuff.

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    • Joshua Morgan I'm happy you were able to get those numbers worked out! I hope things are going well with your new addition! It may take a bit longer to fill the "new vehicle" category, but at least you have a new smile waiting with you! :)

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