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Hello All,

I have been working on an SDK implementation for building YNAB related .net core apps and I think it's reached a point of usability. If anyone is interested in trying it out I'd love to get any feedback so I can to continue improving the implementation. 

More information can be found here for those interested: https://github.com/jaboc83/ynab-sdk-dotnetcore



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  • So cool, so I have known about the YNAB API for a while but didn't really have any good ideas on what to do with it...until yesterday.  Then I thought to myself.  Well, first let me create a nice .net wrapper for the API.  But alas you have already done it.  I have forked your source and if I make changes I will make sure to create a Pull Request so you can evaluate it if you like.  Thanks for the work. 


  • Hey Seth,  I'm glad to hear you will be checking out the sdk. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

  • Jake Moening sounds really cool!  I'm working on creating a little wrapper class myself using C# and RestSharp, mostly for my own learning and for trying to automate some tasks in my budget.  Glad to see projects like yours.  My wrapper is very incomplete at this point, just getting started :)

    • Nerdtron Very cool!  I was in the same boat. I wanted to try some things out. It has been a fun experiment. Good luck and let me know if you run into any issues so we can compare notes :)

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      Jake Moening I have a small proxy class working and am able to do a bunch of "GET" requests to pull my budget data.  Its been pretty fun so far! :)  Thanks to RestSharp, the result data all gets de-serialized to my data classes.  Where I'm stuck is on the "PATCH" request used to update a category budgeted amount for a specified month (https://api.youneedabudget.com/v1#/Categories/updateMonthCategory).  I've tried a number of different RestSharp calls but it kicks it back as a bad request.  I'll have to do some more digging I guess on on REST and PATCH requests tonight when I have a chance to look at it again.  Did you have any trouble with that one?

    • Nerdtron I haven't had any issues as of yet. If you can grab the outbound request with Fiddler or Wireshark or something it might clue you in on the issue.  Here's my example code and the resulting raw request payload and headers which does seem to work:

    • Nerdtron  I just noticing the URL you are using in your comment and I'm not sure if that was abbreviated for readability or not but if that is the url you are using it might be the problem. I think the /budgets/budget_id/months/month_id/categories/category_id endpoint is the one you would need according to the latest swagger spec.

  • Nice Jake Moening !

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