YNAB changed up my numbers after a "refresh"

A very strange and disconcerting thing happened to my YNAB budget yesterday. I opened it, everything looked fine, and I got a popup telling me there was a new release and I should refresh. I did that, and it brought me to the YNAB loading screen, but YNAB did not load for a good few minutes. I finally refreshed, and when it did load, my budget had been changed.

My TBB number went from $0 to approximately -$635, and while all my account balances were still correct, my budget numbers were all off. I contacted support and am still waiting for an answer, but has this happened to anyone else?

FWIW, the refresh did nothing -- I still don't have the running balance or anything, so I'm not sure what else changed. It certainly leads me to not trust YNAB, especially with the running balance fiasco going on (how can they struggle so much to add a running balance that works logically?).

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  • Hey, David! I see you've already reached out to support and we're working on figuring out what's going on in your budget. Thank you!

  • Something similar happened to us tonight. But we suddenly have a significant amount of money in TBB (it went from $0 to +several thousand) and some of our categories are showing negative budgeted amounts.  We didn't facilitate any of those changes, so we're not sure what's going on. The negative budgeted amounts pretty much equal the TBB, but we have no idea how the money got moved to TBB.  We also just sent a message to support.

  • It sounds like you accidentally hit one of the Quick Budget (Balance to $0) buttons.

    You may wish to use the Toolkit Extension. It adds a confirmation step to avoid such accidental and potentially catastrophic errors.

    You might also try Undo. Sadly, though, it is not implemented well enough to go back beyond a browser refresh / restart.

  • I think this definitely sounds like an errant Quick Budget click.

    I agree that it's too easy to Quick Budget accidentally, and we're looking at ways to make it harder, along with other protections against easy ways to mess up your budget. (Delete Category, watch your back.)

  • Yes, I must have accidentally clicked Quick Budget.  A screen had popped up in that same corner of the computer screen asking if we wanted to take a survey or something (for YNAB since we've been using it for several months now) and whenI clicked to close the window, I must have clicked on that PLUS the Quick Budget.

    You would think a safeguard could be built in that where a pop-up window appears if you click "Quick Budget" that asks you to verify the action.  I use a computer program for lesson plans that does that if I am about to delete certain items. Now that I think about it, I see this question come up a lot in a YNAB Facebook group, so it's obviously an issue.  

    Thanks everyone for your feedback!!

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