Disappearing accounts ?!!!!!?????!!!!

HELP!!! I've lost accounts and account history, seemingly at random !!!

I reconciled and updated my budget this morning in preparation for long holiday weekend.  As of 10am PT, everything was great.  Hopped on a couple of phone calls.  Went to check on YNAB as I do when I'm bored just now at 1145am PT.  Several accounts (USAA) were completely missing on the left tab bar - an active Visa card, as well as an inactive AmEx and inactive savings account that I had retired but which had account history.  I noticed it because I suddenly had several thousand more dollars of net worth (because my Visa credit card balance was missing).

Being semi-distracted, I didn't think anything of it.  I tried adding them back by adding an account.  YNAB added them back right away, but no transaction history.  It's like adding them brand new.

I have no idea how I lost the accounts (and their history and budgeting) to begin with.  I am confident that I didn't do anything.  But now everything is completely screwed up. 

Anybody else having this problem now? Anyone have that problem in the past?  How do I fix it?

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  • Hi Tan Wildebeest ! Yikes! What a shock. Let's see if we can locate those!

    Do you have more than one budget by chance?  You can see your full list of budgets by clicking on the name of your budget (upper left corner) and choosing Open Budget in the menu. 

    Try opening each one, to see if the information you're expecting is there. Let me know how it goes!

  • All resolved.  Kudos to Nicole & Veronica.  As usual, YNAB's support is excellent and very quick.  My blood pressure is now approaching normal ...

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  • If anyone is curious, somehow an active account got moved to the closed list.  And my Toolkit settings hid the closed account list (I didn't realize that), so I couldn't see what happened.

    • Tan Wildebeest I was curious! And I'm so glad Nicole and Veronica got you squared away.

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