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I have all my accounts including all my savings accounts on Budget. 

I have a Savings Account called "Property Tax" where I save an amount every week.( On Budget )

When I made a "Property Tax Payment"(from my Property Tax Account) of $495.00 to pay the city for my Property Tax,  the "Income v Expense Report" showed $495.00 as an expense.  Which is to be expected.

My question is this:

Is there any way to include all my Savings Accounts in the "Income v Expense Report" ?



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  • If your savings account are on-budget, all transactions on those accounts are included in the report, with the exception of transfers to other on-budget accounts, which don't affect the budget.

    Don't use the location of money to determine its function. That's what your YNAB categories are for. As soon as you budget money to the Property Tax category, that money is saved for that purpose; it doesn't also need to move to a different bank account. Read this:

    You will balk at it at first. Take baby steps to try it. It will make your financial life easier, and you'll never look back.

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  • I am looking for a way to create/print a report on all my savings...... Any ideas besides only doing a visual of my categories......

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      keyboard if you export you get a zip file with 2 CSV files. One is all your transactions, and the other is all your budget info. Each month lists all categories with Budgeted, Activity (I think, anyway) and Available. You can use this to create reports in Excel.

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