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On March 18 my credit card company posted a payment on my account for $1000 that I don't know where it came from.  I phoned them at the end of the month to inquire and they have to look into it.  My question is: when I reconciled my credit card account I had to show the mystery payment as part of the balance reconciliation.  It showed up in March as an uncatagorized transaction (because I have no corresponding payment out of any of my bank accounts or other credit cards ie. balance transfer).  It rolled over in April and still shows on the top of my budget as $1000 uncatagorized transaction for $1000.  The problem is that it shows as $1000 available and is throwing off my budget because the TBB is zero but I added up the budgeted amounts and the total including that $1000 = total of my bank accounts.  I'm confused about what to do about this.  Am I correct to say that if the bank reverses that payment as an error, YNAB is holding those funds to cover it in my credit card?  And if the bank says don't worry about it we just paid $1000 off your card for you, then the $1000 is still available to be spent?  How would I then categorize the transaction to get the money back as TBB ?  I know this is a strange situation but I am really trying to keep everything accurate in my budget and accounts.  I'm still new enough to be terrified of spending money I don't have.

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  • Create a category and budget the money there. When they post the correcting transaction to remove the $1000, categorize it to that holding category.

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      Orange Mask Actually, you may even want to just inflow the money directly into the category so it doesn't show as income.

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