Retroactive Budget?

I acknowledge this question is antithetical to the YNAB rules but I had a bad money budgeting month, was out of state, and now coming home to reconcile budget and my whole month of June is off. I have negative dollars in the red, though all my categories are "0" and my July has a ton of funds in the available to budget. Is there a way to retroactively apply my July funds to my June budget? In the old version of YNAB I believe we had little arrows to the left and right to allow for this. Any help would be appreciated!

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  • No, you can't do this without (falsely) changing the dates of your July inflows to June, but it doesn't matter. You got off track; now you can get back on by budgeting your July income to your categories for this month. It's also fine to do a Fresh Start if that would help by clearing out the bad memories of June and making them disappear from from your budget. 

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  • Hi, WeeHealer

    The YNAB budget is a self-healing organism. Overspends in June were dealt with at the month turnover.  Any cash-based overspending (cash, chequing, savings) are subtracted from July's To Be Budgeted. Credit-based overspending has increased CC debt.

    Just ignore June (if you can) and keep moving forward.

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  • Tan Drill HappyDance  So I can truly ignore the negative $1K+ that is all red and glaring in June? And move on to July without issue or affecting anything? 

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  • Yes, absolutely. That money gets subtracted from your TBB for July or turned into credit card debt. (If the overspending was on a credit card, you need to budget money to the card payment in order to pay down the debt.)

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  • WeeHealer

    It just occurred to me that you said you had 0 budgeted in June.  If you had income in June, you could select all your categories and quick budget by clicking on the underfunded option. Doing that will take any June income and budget just enough to each category to correct the overspends. Assuming that you have more income than spending, that could eliminate all the nasty red negatives in June without going overbudget in June.  Basically, in YNAB, red anything is not good.

    This is NOT necessary, but it is an option that might be a workable solution for you that would also eliminate the red.  I thought you'd want to know about too.  If you've already budgeted in July, however, this might pull back into June funds you've assigned in July and make a thorough mess. 

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  • Hi WeeHealer !

    You only need to worry about June, if you really want to. As mentioned above, all of June's overspending was automatically corrected when the month rolled over to July. If seeing overspending in June bothers you, then you can go back and budget money towards the overspent categories to cover them. 

    I think it's worth mentioning that if you don't cover credit overspending in June, you'll need to budget for it in your credit card category directly in July instead of the initial category it was spent from in June.

    Either way, your budget will be ready for the current month. :)

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