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I am new here, so I apologize in advance if this is a terrible question! I started YNAB at the end of June. Once July hit, my budget rolled over. This is where I'm struggling. I have all of my accounts set up from June, and most of my payments are roughly the same amount of money. However, when I look in my available column, the amounts have now doubled for what is available. For example, our mortgage is $1117.50 per month. In the available column, it now states that $2235.00 is available (doubled). It has done this for everything. I'm guessing that I've done something wrong. It's very confusing seeing all of my amounts for things this way. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I've done wrong, or is this just how it's supposed to look? 



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  • Is your TBB 0 at the top or red or a positive number for July? How about August? If it is at 0 for July and in the future, then everything is fine. If you think there is too much in any particular category, you can reduce the amount budgeted in that category to free up those funds for something else by fiddling with the numbers in the left column.

    If the TBB is a negative red at the top of July, you have budgeted funds you have not yet received and you should reduce the amounts in the budgeted columns until the TBB hits zero. If it is red in a future month, I would go to that future month and reduce amounts in categories until it gets down to zero.

    If it is a positive number in July, then you have more funds you can allocate to categories.

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      jenmas Thanks for your help! My TBB is in red, so I see what you mean now. Once I change those budgeted amounts, it does seem to help the problem. Since it's the beginning of the month, none of our paychecks have hit yet for the month. Thank you for your help with this; I really appreciate it! 

  • We can ask questions and put you on the right track, (and we all love to help) but it sounds like you would be best served by taking a getting started webinar. It will help you understand the nature of an allocation style budget and diagnose your own issues much faster. 

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      WordTenor I think I'm going to do one of these webinars, so thanks for the suggestion. 

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