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I haven't used my YNAB consistently to this point, so I decided to Make a Fresh Start. I have my bank and credit card information entered, and YNAB had imported balances and transactions until I clicked Make a Fresh Start. Now, nada. No balances or transactions, despite repeatedly clicking Import. I followed the suggestions in the Help function (opening the individual Accounts in a separate window), but it didn't help. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. 

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    How many days ago did you Fresh Start?

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  • Hi Sculley !

    It can take a day or two for transactions to start importing again after a Fresh Start. Did your Starting Balance import? If not, disconnect and then reconnect the account and that should bring in your most recent balance. :)

  • I had this same problem when I did a Fresh Start a couple days ago. Disconnecting then reconnecting fixed it. I'll add that it's easier than I thought--once you disconnect it still keeps your connection information, so really you just have to click on the name of the account again to reconnect, you don't have to go through all the same steps as the first time.

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  • Hi Sculley !


    Yeah, just like Maroon Rain said, you'll either need to enter in your starting balance manually or disconnect/reconnect (using the Edit Menu) to have the starting balance brought in via direct import. From there, transactions should start to import! 

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