Credit Card Payments do not show up in Reports as expenses

Hi there wonderful people, 

I'm a bit buffled as to why won't my cc payments will not show up in my reports as expenses??

I pay them off by transferring money from respective accounts to cc accounts. So when I go to cc account, I see it as 'inflow' instead as 'outflow'. This, however, is how I've done them so far. Is there another way to pay off cc every month so they actually show up as expenses in my Monthly total expenditure?

Thank you for clarifying..!

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  • The expense happens when you make a credit card purchase. Paying the credit card is just a transfer of money between accounts.

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  • Hi KeepingAfloat !

    YNAB tracks your credit spending as it happens. When you use your credit card to buy groceries, that purchase shows as an expense in the groceries category. If YNAB tracked your payment as an expense, you'd see double the expenses for credit card purchases.

    If you're paying down pre-existing debt, you won't see it reflected in the Income v Expense report, but you'll see the difference in your Net Worth report.

  • Hi nolesrule & Faness

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify. 

    I understand what you're saying about paying off the cc is just a transfer between accounts. However, (there's always one..), I don't use these cc's anyway, I've logged them into ynab so I can track my payments towards their balance. So I don't use them for purchases!

    So what happens if I just want, at the end of the month, track all payments I've made like I do with my bills? Surely there's a better way than having to figure it out through 'Net worth'..?

    When I transfer money from account A to cc account, surely that is an expense for account A? If it won't show up in my report, how do I know where I've spent x amount???

    Do I just check into Transactions of that particular account I made the payment/transfer from?

    Ynab will never cease to amaze me..!

  • If you want to see payments as an expense for a card you're just paying down, then it should not be an on-budget account. See the responses in this thread for options and how to switch:

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    • dakinemaui Sorry for such late reply!

      I will follow your suggestion and see that tread..!


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