Want to see more than one repeat scheduled transaction

I do believe this is a new question. I can not find it in the community support.

In the account register I have the filter set to show all dates and to show both reconciled and scheduled.

I have our inflow pay scheduled as a repeat: mine every two weeks and my husband's twice a month.

I can only see a single upcoming scheduled transaction in the register greyed out like it should be. however i would like to see more than one. It would be nice to see at least all the incoming for a month, greyed out as it should be. I understand and use the YNAB concept of not budgeting money you don't actually have yet. I don't want to budget it I just want to see it.  The money coming in this month will be for next month and it would be great to just see how much is going to be there.

Can i set how many upcoming transactions i can see?

thank you


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  • I get paid every two weeks so what I did was create two scheduled transactions which are each 4 weeks apart. This way, you always see the next two. You can also do the same thing for the 1st and 15th of each month (or whatever dates you want) and make each of them monthly.

    This along with the Toolkit's running balance allows me to see my cash flow a month at a time and make sure I always have enough in checking or conversely can move more to savings.

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  • thank you for this. It is exactly what i am looking for.

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  • Thank you!! This helped me as well.

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