Difference between bulk and non bulk transaction post endpoints


Very happy to finally be using the YNAB API with transaction write capabilities!

I browsed the documentations, but couldn't find a clear answer to this question I have: when creating multiple transactions, what is the difference between POST /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions/bulk and POST /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions?

Is there one that I should prefer over the other?


Thank you in advance for your answers!



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  • I was hoping the bulk one would work as in CSV imports, try to match imported transactions to previously manually created transactions, and show me a quick way to merge transactions that were matched, but it turns out that I can only match them manually (select both, Edit>Match), and that it works as well when sending multiple transactions to the /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions endpoint. Is there any difference at all?

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  • There is practically no difference between /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions and /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions/bulk except that the former returns the entire transactions in the response whereas the later only returns ids.  POST /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions  was recently added and is more congruent with REST design.  As for automatically matching transactions - this is currently not supported through the API but we know it is wanted and it's on our list!  For now, you can create the the transactions through the API as non-imported (import_id = null) and then manually match to imported ones.

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  • Thank you!

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