Where did my overspending go?

Happy new year to everybody. 

I travel a lot for work and often pay for some of my expenses out of pocket (to better reap travel reward points)  - I have a category "project cost" that I put such expenses in. 

After getting home from a work trip late last night (great way to ring in 2018 😔), I reconciled all of my accounts this morning. I expect my project cost category to be underfunded because I haven't received a reimbursement yet . Theoretically I should (and will) cover this spending from other categories, but when I discovered my question, I had not yet done that yet. 

What I'm finding is that when I went to set up my January budget, that money that I'd overspent is nowhere to be found. It doesn't show up in the "Overspent in December" field at the top, nor does it carry forward (an old YNAB4 feature I know is no longer present in YNAB and that I miss terribly)

So....where the heck did it go? 

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Balki Bartokomous !

    Overspending in the new YNAB doesn't carry over when the month changes.

    What happens to those overspending amounts depends on whether the overspending was with cash or credit.

    • If cash, that amount will be deducted from To be Budgeted in the new month. (and you'll see it listed as Overspending in the Header next to your To Be Budgeted amount)
    • If credit, the overspent amount will be represented as an increased balance on your credit card account.

    How to handle reimbursements is an important topic, so a section of our Help Docs is dedicated to it. That Help Doc explains how to handle the reimbursement based on whether you receive it in the same month or a future month. In this case, since you're receiving it in a later month, you'll budget that reimbursement towards your credit card category in order to pay off the balance.

    We also have an article about when the month rolls over that may be helpful! :)

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  • When The month changed over, YNAB converted this overspending to credit card debt or it took it from January's TBB. This is the exact reason why I don't use nYNAB and remain with YNAB 4 as the monthly carry over of negative category balance provides a reasonable way of tracking reimbursements.

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