How do I reorder scheduled transactions?

We're using the scheduled transactions page in conjunction with the toolkit for YNAB function to plan out upcoming expenses so we can put the rolling remainder toward our credit card at the end of each billing cycle, but the way transactions automatically order themselves makes it look like we're going to overdraft (often leading to lower credit card payments than we could be paying). Is there a solution?  Can I reorder transactions differently?

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    If you’d like to make a larger credit card payment, budget for one. If you can do that without shorting your other categories, you can pay more than you’ve been paying. 

    The account register is only used to ensure there’s money in the account when you pay for something (including the credit card bill). Planning how much you can afford is done in the budget. 

    I realize that's not a direct answer to your question, but that you're asking how to get the register to show you information that the budget will show you suggests that you aren't using the budget to the fullest extent you could use it. Start there.  

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  • Hi Drew Stevenson !

    Scheduled transactions are automatically ordered by date and then amount. You can change how they're sorted (by category, by payee, etc.) but WordTenor is right - you want to rely on your budget to tell you how much you can pay towards your credit card.

    For instance, if at the end of the month you have $20 left over in your Dining Out category, you can move that money to your credit card category instead and increase your payment by that amount. Basing your payment on your account balance can easily cause overspending and throw off the Available amounts for your other categories. We want to keep your budget in line with your priorities (which sounds like paying down your credit card for now). :)

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