Recurring Transactions Appear Too Soon

I have some recurring transactions for when I get paid each month, and for some bills that automatically go out. However, as soon as the current ones record, the next set show up as future dates. It seems that these amounts are also being calculated into the Uncleared Balance and Working Balance too, but I don't want them to be in there, so it's totally messing up my balancing.

How can I get those to not show up until maybe a day or two before their dates?


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  • My recurring transactions do not show up in either the uncleared balance or the working balance until the date of the next transaction. Do you have a screenshot?

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  • Those with future dates are "scheduled" and should have no impact on working or uncleared balance.  If they really are, this is a bug that you should report to YNAB.  

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  • Hi Cynthia Blue !

    When you add a recurring Scheduled Transaction, it will appear at the top of your register in gray. It will not yet affect your budget.

    When the date you set arrives, the transaction will appear in bold in your register—waiting for you to approve it! Since it's now in the account register, it will affect your Uncleared and Working Balances. The next occurrence will show at the top in gray, like you described.

    What was the date of your scheduled transaction?

  • Now that I have it all balanced correctly, I do see how it reflects the transactions. I still would like some of the recurring/upcoming transactions to be figured into the totals, but only the ones that are within the next week. The ones that are next month, after I get paid again, I don't want them figured in.  But if I have a bill, say, that will be paid in five days, I need to plan for that in my current balance and it is not calculated in, which I wish it was.

    So some I want in, some I don't. And I can't specify which.

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      Cynthia Blue Yes that is not possible.  This would be the ability to have future dated transactions committed to the register and as of now, ynab does not plan to allow that.

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  • It would be nice to be able to add future transactions to the register but to not have them effect the budget until their listed date. For example, we are going on vacation on the 1st of August. I would like to pay my August bills before leaving.  My only options would be to change the transaction dates and add to register but that would mess up my July Budget. I actually did this at the end of June and then had to go back and change all the dates to July dates to fix my budget.  Or I can pay the bills without adding to register and hope that when I import transactions from the bank my register balance doesn't get all messed up. Am I missing an option? 

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