Still in the Trial Period and Things Are Already Better

I was afraid of money and budgeting for decades.  I would start a budget, realize there wasn't enough money to cover expenses, and give up.  I flew by the seat of my pants, which I'm sure you all know doesn't work.

This month every penny has a job. I saw what I'm really spending in my categories and realized I needed to cut the little extras on my phone service and TV streaming that aren't really worth it. Im still on a search and destroy mission for unnecessary spending.

The few dollars I cut here and there means my bank balance won't be zero the day before payday, I won't overdraw, and a couple of next month's expenses are already budgeted. I have a bunch of underfunded goals that no longer scare me. I look forward to watching my goals turn from yellow to green over the next few months.

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  • Way to go!  And keep that mindset when things go sideways. That’s when you need ynab the most. When pennies are tight, every decision is crucial. YNAB helps remind you of your priorities even when you’ve wandered. 

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  • Hear hear! I'm on my trial also and this first month has made me really think about my spending. It was actually kind of scary to realize that I don't have any buffers for emergencies. I've also made some cuts in my expenses, but tight budget has also made me plan my shopping list and be more precise with my consumption. 

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