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I am a customer and am trying to wrap my head around YNAB. It seems like there’s no automation. Everything needs to be done from scratch, ie putting money away for an annual goal or what ever.

having my history imported, like what Mint does would be super helpful for creating an initial budget that could be tweaked as opposed to having to spend hours going through transactions and having to sum it all up. 

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  • Hi there, and welcome! I know YNAB can be a pretty big shift in thinking at first, and the initial setup is relatively hands-on by design (here's a link to our Get Started Guide that you might find helpful)! We do encourage YNAB-ers to start from today with the cash they have on hand. 

    That said, if you wanted to pull in some additional transaction history:
    -If you're using direct import you can adjust the starting balances on your accounts to pull in transactions from up to 31 days in the past.
    -If you want to pull in more history than that, you could use our File-Based Importing feature!

    I hope this helps, but feel free to thread any other questions you have! 

  • Slate Blue Nomad said:
    having to spend hours going through transactions and having to sum it all up

     I have no idea how Simple works but can't it give you that information instead of you having to sum up transactions?

  • While Simple may be simple, YNAB is effective. Forget your Simple multiple accounts and let categories be your guide.

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