Not really a question, but kudos to YNAB. I've been negative on here about the lack of Paypal integration, and I realize it was a third party issue, but it degraded the YNAB experience and made me consider elsewhere (nothing else was heads and toes above).


But I just logged in and tried Paypal integration again, and it worked like a dream. Thank you! Awesome work!

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  • Yayyy! So glad to hear that the work done on this integration has paid off!! 🎉

    We sincerely want you to have a fantastic YNAB experience--and it means a lot to know when the things that detract from that experience are resolved. Thank you. I'll share this with the team!

    Happy PayPaling!

    • Dela Don't congratulate yourself so fast - it integrates BUT how the hell do you work the budgeting when the transaction is duplicated on the bank account. Looking at RIDICULOUS work-around threads from years ago and they are a deal killer (I'm on free trial). I get payments through Paypal as well as use it was a payment system to my bank account debit cards so... ??? 

    • Turquoise Cobra Great questions! Sometimes, payment accounts like PayPal are actually easier to manage without Direct Import. This is because if you use a checking account with Paypal, the transactions will flow through both your payment account and your checking account—like it seems you're experiencing. Each single payment would require an outflow from Paypal and a transfer from checking to the Paypal account in YNAB. Lots of work!

      It sounds like you use PayPal for:
      1. Receiving payments that you then transfer to your checking account and
      2. Making payments from your checking account, passing the money through PayPal

      Is that right?

      If this is the case and you *don't* keep a balance on your Paypal account, I would recommend keeping the PayPal account out of your budget altogether. Instead, simply record purchases that you make via Paypal as regular transactions from your checking account.

      If you use PayPal more like a checking account by keeping a balance in Paypal, you can set this up as a checking account type and then use our other transaction entry options to enter only the transactions that affect the balance—inflows and spending from the actual balance. Any transactions that affected (flowed though) checking would go in checking and not PayPal.

      Let me know what questions you have about this!

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    • Dela Thanks for this - though feels more like more "workarounds" (a solution would be allow the transaction to "match" somehow between accounts?) I'd like to keep track of what I pay through PayPal - so am allowing the transaction to download but creating a fake / "passthrough" category and zeroing the amount. 

  • Do tell!!! I'm finding it incredibly difficult when dealing with transactions - they import or appear several times and then there's no way to logically figure them out budget-wise when they're also debited from the bank account. Advise?

  • How do we re-integrate paypal?  I see no way to connect it.  

    • Slate Blue Foal I just sent you an email!

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