Age of Money 2021?

Is there going to be an age of money tracker for 2021?

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  • Looks like the last two were organized by bevocat … I was wondering this as well.

    bevocat you've not been here for a year, are you OK?

  • I was trying to find the 2021 challenge too! I love being a part of this. I can create a new one, but was hopefully waiting on bevocat to create it. :)

    • Brandon Thomas it looks like you might be the one to create once since bevocat  isn't here anymore?

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  • Seems like we will need to make a copy.

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    • VoltaicShock right! I sooo miss it!

  • I highly doubt they will come back just to create the spreadsheet for you. They did it last year as sort of a courtesy but since they don't participate in this forum anymore, it's up to the existing community to do the work.

  • I’m working on a 2021 version right now and will post this evening. 😊 

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  • I have created the new Google Sheet and post it as a new challenge in the forum:

    I'm also going to reply in the 2020 AoM challenge thread so anyone following that thread can join us! 

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      Brandon Thomas thank you for taking this into your hands, much obliged

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