More Credit Card Confusion

I know CC questions get asked a lot ... I still get confused though. YNAB flagged my last two cash transactions from my checking account using my bank card / debit card as being paid for with credit. But they weren't. They were cash.

Now, those two transactions weren't budgeted either. Is YNAB "covering the unbudgeted expense with my credit card" even though the CC is not in any way involved here? Is this just YNAB playing a shell game with dollars because it thinks (rightly so ... my TBB is near $0, but I have other earmarked dollars that I can use to cover this) it has to take the dollars from the CC?

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  • Checking account transactions are prioritized over those made on credit within a given category regardless of date (within a given month). You need to understand that cash overspending means you gave away cash that is currently marked as available for spending in other categories. In other words, money is missing from other categories.

    YNAB is trying to be helpful by restoring the balance using the cash you were going to send the CC for earlier purchases.

    It's a feature. If maintaining your CC debt (or lack thereof) is important to you, then move money from a category that's less important or TBB to cover the overspending.

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  • Ok, I think it's clear now. Thanks!

    Honestly I should just trust YNAB. :)

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