Splitting up all "home" budget categories

Hi all, 

We are trying to optimize a little our current budget categories that are related to "home/house expenses". We currently have this one big bucket category called "Home maintenance" that includes from small household items (cleaning supplies, organizers, bedding, towels etc), to big items, to house project, to services like carpet cleaners, and gardners. We need to break down a bit so we can have a little more idea on what we are spending on and plan better. 

We don't want to include household items with groceries. How do you split them?


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  • Running the Household - cleaning supplies, toiletries, consumables

    Health - OTC/vitamins

    Nesting - linens, pots/pans, dishes, little appliances

    Decor - curtains, furniture, organizers

    Home Maintenance - air filters, $ building up to deal with large appliance repair/replacement, A/C tune up, etc.

    Services would be another category, and if we needed to buy big furniture, that'd probably be a wish farm item until it was funded.

    Upgrades/renovation is also its own category. Usually we wish farm something specific, then categorize transactions to Upgrades and move money from the wish farm to support.

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  • Household , Furniture, Sprucing --detergents, sheets & towels, bathmats, pots and pans etc

    Home maintenance - small ordinary repairs, furnace tune up, handyperson installing new lights

    Renovations - new flooring, new windows, any big upgrade

    Trees & Garden & Outdoors - anything to do with outside, garden, tree trimming, patio furniture, outside games, compost

    Home Emergency Fund - emergencies

    Then I have separate categories to save up for specific very expensive long-term things that I'll always be funding because as soon as , say, the furnace gets replaced, it's time to start saving for the next one:

    Furnace/Water Heater/ Washing Machine/Fridge


    Tree Trimming (needs doing every other year)

    Paint the House Outside

    • Ivory Storm 

      Where do you/would you include services like carpet cleaning or HVAC cleaning? Do you put it under home maintenance or handle it separately? (Or Gardner, is it garden or a separate category)?

    • Sea Green Android That would go under Home Maintenance for me. If I hired someone to help in the garden that would go under Trees &  Garden & Outdoors.

  • Thanks, 

    We also use wish farm for many of our larger (and sometimes smaller) items if it isn't an unexpected expense or need, but when we end up funding it we like to expense it under one of our regular categories so at the end of the year we don't have a bunch of 1 items categories in our expense report. 

  • Groceries - all cleaning and personal care consumables that can be purchased while shopping for groceries

    Household Goods - small durable items

    Home Maintenance -general maintenance, repair and replacement of all items  including non-cleaning related consumables (batteries, air filters, light bulbs)

    Home Improvement - Any and all house-related wants. I could probably wish farm these things, but I don't bother

    Lawn Care - yard guy

    Pest Control - pest control service

    That covers it.

  • I have two groups for Housing type categories.

    One group is called Housing- these are the costs to keep the roof over our heads and the categories are:



        home insurance

        property taxes

        home maintenance (right now this is repairs, water filters, air filters, etc)

        I have considered breaking out the maintenance category but for now I just put all maintenance in there.  I     may eventually create a group and break it out.

    One group is called Household- these are things to run the household but aren't direct housing expenses:

        Utilities (all combined)



        Household Items (toilet paper, laundry soap, papertowels, etc).

        Yard & Flowers (for potted plants, topsoil, etc)

        Bulk Purchases (Costco, Sams Club)

        Home Decor (for things like vases, linens, mirrors, decorations)


    I also have a household services group where I put things like Yard Service, and Housekeeping.  

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