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Hi all!

I've been using YNAB for a while now, I really like it but the biggest pain as it seems is dealing with multiple currencies. I tried the existing apps for this, but never really got used to it, as it only converted currencies once a day in the background, and I wanted to have the correct numbers in my budget right off the bat. So for a while, my solution for foreign currency spending has been typing it into google and then adding the converted amount to YNAB.

Recently I've been working on app that would save me the trip to google each time - basically an interface to convert currencies and add a transaction at the same time. I got it approved by YNAB today and want to share it with the community now. :)

Here's the link: https://cc.lisik.dev/

There is some more info on how to use it and how it's different on the home page.

Feedback would be much appreciated!

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  • This is brilliant! I had just about given up and decided I would spend cash when I was abroad anymore... Of course, when borders closed and staying overseas (where it's safer!) it's been harder than usual! 

  • Sounds like you've tackled half the issue with transaction entry, which is a great start! 

    To be broadly useful, you'd need to deal with the larger issue of the budget and the fact the equivalent value of the foreign cash you hold changes over time.

    • dakinemaui said:
      and the fact the equivalent value of the foreign cash you hold changes over time.

      There is unfortunately no good solution to that. Personally, I just update foreign currency balances manually once a month to account for rate movements, and the difference is usually negligible. The only other option without native YNAB support would be creating new accounts, pretending that they are in a different currency, and updating them in the background. But this thing with having numbers update in the background, and the app showing a different currency symbol than it really is has just always been a bad user experience for me. There are existing solutions that do something similar, but I just wanted to take a different approach with this app.

  • That helps a lot on mobile as YNAB mobile app doesn't have any support for foreign transactions.

    Are you planning to add split categories support? 

    That's the only thing missing for me keeping me from using it instead of ynab mobile app.

  • Orange Panther - I was playing around with your imports, and this is great.

    Might I suggest a checkbox to auto-populate the memo with the value in the local currency? (Yes, you can type it, but your thing is all for simplicity, right?).

    For example, $18 USD is $27.50 Australian, but at the moment, the spend in the local currency gets lost. However, if the memo could say something like "$18 USD : $27.50 AUD - Imported with Currency Converter", then that would make a post-holiday reconciliation much much more straightforward.

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  • Can I link this to my account or do I need to keep this up as a separate tab?

  • Just tested and like it. Some additions you could do is to set a prefix automatically with the amount in the selected currency and the conversion rate used. Also, a kind of flag or icon to identify converted transactions (I use green flag for different currencies)

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