New Syncing Service Stinks!

Is it called Plaid?  Well, it stinks.  How many times am I going to have to verify my account multiple times to sync my accounts?  This is really annoying.  Is this being worked on?  I love the YNAB philosophy, but I'm not sure I want to pay to have these constant syncing issues.  

I appreciate your work to fix this.  An chance to revert back to the service that was working just fine?


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  • With the recent migration to Plaid, direct import issues have been a popular topic, but we aren鈥檛 able to troubleshoot Bank Importing issues in the forum.

    When you have a moment, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running. 馃檪

    Replies in this thread have been turned off to avoid too many duplicate threads, but you can still chime in on the other Plaid threads that are open if you鈥檇 like to discuss things with your fellow YNABers!

  • Agreed. While mine are technically synced, transactions are extremely delayed and inconsistently imported. This needs to change or I'll look for a different service. This does not match the quality of YNAB in other areas.

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  • My Santander hasn't been imported in a week. My Chase is imported at random times and not even daily.

    • Kevin Brown Christine L If you're having trouble with a connection, or aren't seeing transactions import鈥please reach out here. Our Direct Import team will be happy to investigate!

  • Agreed, I have to login with my username and password and go through 2 text messages of 2-factor's a bit much. 

    • Aquamarine Transistor While reauthorization may be required for some connections, having to do so twice is not. Please report a Bank Importing Issue and we'll look closer at that connection!

  • Same as everyone else.... Why did I have to have my bank call me 6 times to put in the verification and my credit card had to text me the code 4 times as well...


    I put most everything in manually when spent but the I shouldn't have to spend 30 mins just trying to get each of my accounts to re-sync so I can verify everything has cleared as it should have, and at least the old provider saved my login info and only had to be submitted once. This plaid has seemingly fixed the issue with discover not allowing connections, but in fixing that one it has made 3 new account problems....

    • Wizard Have you reached out to support yet? If not, you can fill out this form and we can look into those account problems! Reauthorizing a connection can be required by a financial institution as part of how our integrations work with your bank's security requirements. If the connection doesn't succeed, or you're asked multiple times in a row鈥攖hat is not expected, and we can investigate.

  • Hey Jason Alice Blue Piccolo ! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble after the switch to Plaid. Quovo, the primary provider we worked with to provide the Direct Import feature in YNAB, was acquired by an industry-leader in the same field, Plaid. Because of this change on their end, we needed to move your connections from Quovo to Plaid on our end!

    There are a few issues our team is working on mentioned on the status page. If your bank isn't mentioned, you can report a Bank Importing Issue here and our team would be happy to look closer!

    While Plaid is our primary import partner moving forward, we will also continue to work with MX. You can reach out via the Bank Importing form and our team is happy to walk through which option is best for you.

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