If Plaid is the problem, why not move everyone to MX, Finicity, etc. until Plaid gets their act together?

If Plaid is the problem, why not move everyone to MX, Finicity, etc. until Plaid gets their act together?

This has been an issue for a week now.  It's beyond ridiculous at this point.

  How long is YNAB going to let this go on since they use multiple import partners?

IF this was an easy fix, Plaid would have fixed it.  That's indicative of something more than just a glitch.  

It's time for YNAB to do whatever they need to do to move folks over to one of the other importers.

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  • This has a been a huge pain for me for more than a week now. I'm pretty frustrated, and would love YNAB to take some ownership of the issue.

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    • Ivory Keyboard  Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Can you report a Bank Importing Issue here? Our team can definitely look into any connection troubles. We'd love to help!

  • Hey  Scythe !

    Quovo, the primary provider we worked with to provide the Direct Import feature in YNAB, was acquired by an industry-leader in the same field, Plaid. Because of this change on their end, we needed to move those connections over.

    We're constantly exploring options to improve YNAB, and since we launched the Direct Import feature in 2016, we've worked with four different data providers. We've learned a lot, and have decided to move forward with the two providers that have proven to support YNAB best. While Plaid is our primary import partner moving forward, we will also continue to work with MX.

    As you've seen, a switch for many YNABers is no small feat. There are known issues on our status page, and we're making headway there. We hear the frustration of you and all YNABers having trouble after the switch! We want those problems to disappear too. The thing about data aggregation is that it's always changing. Connections may (and usually do) behave differently between partners. Two people on the same one may have a different experience.

    Our CPO recently addressed some of these questions, and other related ones in the Upcoming Changes to Direct Import thread. I hope you'll take a few moments to read it, and add your thoughts there.

    For anyone having trouble with their connections, we want to help! Please submit the Bank Importing form and our team is happy to look closer at your connections or see if another provider would be a better fit.

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  • With the recent migration to Plaid, direct import issues have been a popular topic, but we aren’t able to troubleshoot Bank Importing issues in the forum.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off to avoid duplicate threads (mentioned in our Community Guidelines), but you can still chime in on the other Plaid threads that are open if you’d like to discuss things with your fellow YNABers!

  • How YNAB is handling this issue is the pits: There continues to be very little transparency on the problem. More than a week ago I sent in the support form and have not heard a response. In the meantime, now instead of having to do two-factor twice, I now have to do it three times for Navy Federal Credit Union, and twice for USAA and then USAA does not work at all (the signing in reaches about 98% and then hangs). No kidding I spent 15 minutes yesterday just entering in security credentials. There are other signs that Plaid does not have it together: Even after I get a security text from my bank, Plaid spends another 5-8 seconds making the connection (that has already been made).

    YNAB's response thus far: Support forums locked comments from discussion by saying "every problem is different, that's why!" and has posted a few minimal Status updates: Now instead of saying a few people have reported problems, resolving the issue could take weeks. I feel like there is a disconnect between the Support forum cheerfulness and what has happened to the app. We need a straightforward, detailed, status update, not the usual YNAB perky tongue-in-cheek notifications.

    This all came on the heels of multiple declarations that Plaid was an "industry-leader". That is clearly not the case and either YNAB saved money by shifting to a crappy company, or YNAB has been swindled by a company that cannot deliver. I have cancelled my subscription so that it does not auto-renew, and I would expect YNAB to extend subscriptions by the number of weeks that Plaid disrupted a core feature of the app.

    And once again, Bank Importing comments have been blocked, quickly, in the Support Forum. That speaks volumes. Do these comments belong in the App store? This comment is not about bank importing, it is about YNAB Support and responses, so I'm posting it in the Support Forum.

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    • Hi Aquamarine Lion !

      I took a look to make sure we didn't miss your email and it looks like we responded back on April 29th. When you have a moment, can you check your spam for that email? It has a few more details, but this is a known issue that we're currently working on. You can check our status page for updates. You can also respond back that USAA isn't connecting at all and we can take a closer look at that connection.

      Overall, the migration to Plaid has gone well, though we have run into a few errors that are now being addressed. Plaid acquired Quovo, so those accounts had to be switched over, but Plaid is an industry-leader (thus the acquisition) and we have high hopes for the future.

      We are trying to cut back on duplicate threads, so while comments have been cut off in this thread you can still chime in on the other Plaid threads that are open. We're more than happy to answer questions, but in order to get help with your account connections, you'll need to reach out to support either through the app or by reporting a Bank Importing Issue.

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