Negative Card Balance from Refund and New Transactions

We just received a large refund for a vacation for which we obtained a full refund due to coronavirus.  I adjusted our credit card in YNAB so that it has a positive balance.  For new transactions on the credit card, instead of it simply "subtracting" the amount as if it is a source of cash, YNAB is setting that money aside as money to be paid toward the credit card balance.  Any ideas on how to get it to subtract out the money until we get to 0 balance on the card?

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  • You seem to understand that a positive credit account balance in YNAB is effectively cash and purchases on the card while positive should not change the associated CC Payment category. That is exactly how things are supposed to work, so I'm confused by what you're seeing.

    Do you have any categories with negative Available balances? That's the only possible issue I can see that might impact things.

    If not, then I'm at a loss. I would set the CC Payment Available to be $0 while the account is positive. When the account goes negative again, ensure the payment category covers the entire account balance.

  • Did you get this figured out? I have the same issue.

    • Hey Navy Blue Orca ! How did you categorize your return—back to the spending category?

      If you paid off your card between your original purchase and your refund, you might see that your payment category is short and turns red. The return sent dollars back to your Vacation category, but some were needed for the payment you sent. To get things back in line, move money from the spending category to the Credit Card Payment category to cover the red, and you'll be back on track!

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      It doesn't necessarily have to be Vacation funds that are reallocated to cover the debt payment. I would pick on the lowest priority in the budget with funds first.

      Also, if this return took the account positive, TBB would have increased, so you can just use those funds.

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