Confused about how to track this

So I get some money from my parents for my daughter every month. I take the cash, deposit it, then transfer the money to an account I don't have access to. I tried creating an unlinked account to record the transfer. But I realized today that the money being deposited was being categorized as TBB and not accounting for that money actually leaving my account. I think this has been tracked like this for a few months now. How can I fix this? should I at this point? How should I be tracking this properly?
 This is what it looks like in ynab
Chking/    ATM Dep >>> 100 TBB
Chking/    Tranf to Acct A >>> 100
Acct A/    Tranf from Chking >>> 100


I hope someone understands this cause I confused. haha

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  • Categorize the deposit as For Daughter (or similar) instead of TBB. The transfer is categorized to the Daughter category as well. 

    I wouldn't even have a Tracking account for Acct A, as you get a statement every month. The outflow from checking would be recorded as a normal outflow, much like any expense.

    However, if you really want that Acct A balance in YNAB, the outflow from checking would be a categorized transfer.

  • Hi Turquoise Lightning !

    Have you already created a category for your daughter's funds? If not, start there. You'll want a category to be designated specifically for the funds you use/transfer for her. Once you have that category, you can handle the transactions in one of two ways. You can categorize the deposit as Inflow: To Be Budgeted like you have been, budgeting those funds to the Daughter category and then entered the transfer as an outflow also categorized to the Daughter category. Or, you can categorize the inflow and outflow both directly towards the daughter category.

    If you categorize the inflow as Inflow: To Be Budgeted, it will show in your reports as income - so you'll have a report of how much you received from your parents and how much you "spent". If you categorize the inflow and outflow both to the Daughter category, the income won't be listed in reports and there will be a net of $0 for spending in the daughter category.

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      Faness said:
      there will be a net of $0 for spending in the daughter category.

      This will be true only when you actually transfer exactly what you're supposed to transfer. For that reason, running both inflow and outflow through the Daughter category is a good error-check, in my view. It saves a step over the TBB-approach since it gives you direct feedback on that bottom line agreement.

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