Budget categories - what would you do?

The situation is that I just got a new mobile (cell) phone (budgeted for👍) and that's gone under the Tech Replacement category in my budget.  

What I'm curious about, is what budget category people would place the (glass) screen protector and the mobile phone case that I got for said new mobile phone?  

Would you put them both in tech replacement category, as they are for the mobile phone?

or would you maybe put the screen protector under tech replacement category and the phone case under clothing & accessories category (at the moment it's just Clothing because when I was making up the categories I totally forgot to include a category for accessories such as bags, wallet, etc because I don't buy them very often, but a name change is easy enough)?

or put either or both items under some other budget category (if so, what category?)

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  • Yeah, don't over-complicate it. Keep them in the Tech Replacement category. They're part of the cost of owning the phone.

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  • The answer is "It Depends" 😄 If you want to measure and improve your phone protector spending, you should have a phone protector category.

    There's a lovely Whiteboard Wednesday video about this:


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  • Thanks guys.  Wessel, I remember that video of Jesse's. 

    I don't think there's a need to improve phone protector spending because its only a very occasional expense - my previous mobile phone is 4yo, so while I had to get another screen protector for it a couple of years ago when the screen cracked (despite it being in a case & having a screen protector - it bounced off the corner on concrete) and had to be replaced, I don't think is worth tracking on its own (I've only ever had 1 cracked screen that needed replacing). 

    So yeah, I will take Superbone's point not to overcomplicate it & put them both (screen protector & case) in the tech replacement category as part of the cost of the new phone.

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  • Wessel said:
    If you want to measure and improve your phone protector spending, you should have a phone protector category.

    Come on, Wessel , did you really write that with a straight face?  🤣 I’m just kidding but that sentence struck me as funny.

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      • Wessel
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      Superbone Jesse said in the video "if you want to measure your toothpaste spending, you should have a toothpaste category", but I don't think he was able to keep a straight face 🤣

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      • Superbone
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      • Superbone
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      Wessel Touché! Equally as silly. 🙂 

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