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Hello. I've been using Ynab for 2 months now and love the product. It has completely changed the way I look at money. I think I have a good grasp of the program itself but I've come into something I don't understand. 

I have a reimbursement category where I track any reimbursements that my GF may send me and vice-versa. It really works perfectly  because we are always net 0 when the month rolls over.

Theres only one problem. When I use my CC for a split transaction between us, my part of the total (which goes to its corresponding category) gets moved to the CC payment category, which is perfect. Because theres nothing budgeted in the reimbursement category, it just shows CC overspending in the category, also perfect. When my GF sends me her part of the total and I input the transaction in the reimbursement category, the money moves directly to the CC payment category, still perfect. The problem comes when in the same month, after already settling the CC split spending, I make another split transaction but this time not with my CC. The reimbursement category shows overspending as it should but the CC payment category all of a sudden has less money available in it than the total spent on the CC (I fully pay my CC every month).

As I see it, the first money transferred by my GF has already been assigned to CC payment, the second overspending should not be associated with the CC. Am I missing something? Please help. 

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  • YNAB prioritizes cash overspending more than CC overspending, so you're right - the first money spent on the CC in the category gets sent back to take care of the cash overspending. The budget screen operates on monthly chunks, without regard to more precise timing*.

    The easiest thing to do is to prefund your reimbursement category so that it doesn't get overspent waiting for your GF to pay you back. If the normal monthly wash is around $200, give it that or a bit more, and write your "new $0" number in the category name for ease. If there is less than that number in the Available, you know your GF owes you.

    This method has the added benefit of maintaining the rule over the month end roll over.

    *Except if you overpay your credit card and take it positive, which is arguably more in the transaction side.

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      Move Light Sound Life Thanks a lot. That would actually work perfectly. The amount owed never really goes above $100 (big transactions like rent get sent before they're actually due) at once so I can just leave $100 there and use it as the new $0. 

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