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I've tried following the advice in other posts but everyone's situation is so personal I decided I should try asking my own question.

Here are the details:

  • I live with my partner and share expenses, but not financial accounts.

  • I pay the full amount for rent out of my checking account.

  • We use one shared credit card for household expenses.

  • She pays the CC bill.

  • If the CC bill is more than the full amount of rent, I reimburse her through Venmo for my half of the difference.

  • If the CC bill is less than the full amount of rent, she reimburses me through Venmo to make up the difference.

How do I represent this in YNAB?


I would like to add the shared CC as an account in my budget so I have visibility into what those dollars are doing.. It seems, though, that I then need to create a Reimbursement category, and/or a "Partner's Half" category and it starts to get confusing. It seems like this is trying to make YNAB do something it really isn't designed to do.

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  • Most situations are more complicated, but are handled easily with a Partner Spending category to track everything in YNAB. You basically have 2 transactions that hit your account each month and are settling up each month, so things can be simplified.

    You seem to be happy tracking the total of what is owed outside of YNAB. I'm not sure how you both plan joint spending/expenses (how do you know to raid the freezer instead of buying more groceries, for instance?) , but if what you're doing works for you, then that's great.

    Integration of your current approach is pretty straightforward. As far as Rent, budget for the entire amount. More accurately, though, that category represents Joint Expenses, so you should call it that rather than just Rent.

    If partner Venmos you, categorize the inflow to Joint Expenses. This is basically a refund, and reports will show the reduced joint spending that month.

    I suggest you budget toward a Joint Expense Shortage (or whatever you want to call it) category. When you Venmo partner, categorize that outflow to Joint Expenses (keeping reports accurate). Reallocate from the shortage category to cover the overspent Joint Expenses category.

  • Orchid Koala said:
    I would like to add the shared CC as an account in my budget so I have visibility into what those dollars are doing

    Visibility beyond a lump sum "joint expenses" is a rather large complication over your current 2 transaction per month approach. You would split your rent payment between your Rent category and Partner Spending. You would also split every CC transaction between your category (grocery, electric, cable, etc.) and Partner Spending. Your various categories are strictly for your portion of those expenses. This is all described in the YNAB docs under Reimbursements.

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