The 34 Day Reset!!

Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉

With 2020 officially in our rearview mirror (finally!), we’re kicking off 2021 with a brand new challenge for your budget! I don’t know about anyone else, but I could use a reset from 2020 in general. 

The rules are simple:

  1. Track all your spending. Do it with paper, do it with YNAB, we’re not picky.

  2. Only buy essentials. Good news, you get to decide what essential means.

  3. No eating out. That’s painful, I know, but there’s room for exceptions!

After 34 days of following these rules, you’ll have a nice little nest egg! What you do with this money is up to you - will you pay off debt? Will you save it for a rainy day? Will you buy that fire pit your backyard has always needed? You decide!

Get started by signing up for the challenge on our website. We’ll send you the 34-Day Reset workbook to use during the challenge, and we’ll be here to cheer each other on all the way through! 

If you’re joining in, use this thread to tell us the rules and exceptions you’ve set for your Reset and what you’re aiming to do with the extra money! We’ll be around for the entire 34 days for accountability 😀

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  • Starting the 34 day challenge (June1)!  Woo hoo!  Savings goal is $1000. Savings to be used for replenishing "Gifts" Category in YNAB (used heavily for college graduation)!  

    No wine (no exceptions), no clothes (exception Goodwill, but only 1 in and 1 out rule), no randomly going to nursery for $100 worth of plants (no exceptions, will only use plants given to me by friends and family), and no Amazon purchases (exception wax for candle-making business).  

    Will also try to sell (or donate) unwanted items and add to the total saved.  

  • So August I'm doing a reset. I wanted to start on the first, but I was having trouble deciding on some goals.

    I'm saving for: debt snowflake.

    Target Amount: $100 (I shooting low since I feel I can at least accomplish this. Also I'm a bit confused at how this works. I'll adjust as I go along.)

    Start date: August 2

    End date: Sept 5

    My No-Spend Rules:

    1. No alcohol purchases! 
    2. No prepared meals from the grocery store that counts as eating out. Cook it yourself!
    3. No chocolate or chips or candy or soft drink runs at lunch! (this has become a bad, bad habit)
    4. No home store purchases! I do not need another plant.

    My Exceptions:

    1. Coffee and clothes can be purchased using available gift card funds
    2. Chewy order is ok since it's necessities for the pup.

    Things to think about:

    1. Try to sell some of the stuff in the back room. That futon needs to go!
    2. Why is there loose change all over the house? Collect it and give it a job!
    3. Get rid of books. Sell what you can, donate the rest.

    OK, that's what I got so far! Let's see how it goes!

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