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We're just getting started and already disconcerted. One of our AMEX account shows in the YNAB portal as having been checked in the last 13 hours yet it does not report our last two payments which were processes by the lender 9 and 4 days ago respectively.  For clarity I've attached screen shots. Either YNAB is checking or it's not. If it checked 13 hours ago then something failed. If something failed then there reasonably should be some sort of notice the the user that something failed. As can bee seen there were two purchases and two payments during the month. Four transactions should not be hard to track.

What can we do as users to get more granularity and reliability in reporting?

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  • why dont you just manually enter the payments that are missing? From what I have read there can be a delay of up to a couple day with direct import. Once it does finally get caught up YNAB will match up the transactions so you dont have double transactions

    I dont use the import option, I manually enter all transactions and payments. but these are what I have read while reading the forum.

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  • YNAB may have checked with their import provider 13 hrs ago, but there's an additional delay as to when the import provider checked with your card. Manual entry has always been the recommended primary entry method, with import serving as an aid to reconciliation.

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  • Also, what is the starting transaction date in YNAB? Transactions prior to that are ignored during import.

  • Hi Sea Green Admiral !  As dakinemaui said, depending on when you created the account in your budget, this could be a factor.  Transactions that happened before the date that you entered your Starting Balance wouldn't have been imported.  New connections start importing transactions from dates after that Starting Balance is established.

    If this isn't a new account, then something is definitely amiss here. 🧐I'd love to have you head over to Report a Bank Issue, so our Direct Import team can take a look to see what's going on with those missing transactions and delays!

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