Transfer to Roth IRA?

I'm trying to transfer money each paycheck to my Roth IRA and use a goal to essentially work towards maxing it out at $6,000 each year. Above are the first movements, essentially a transfer. Unfortunately, my goal is showing a negative balance instead of positive etc. I'm a bit confused...

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  • The first image includes transactions. The attached "Capture" is the Goal image that isn't behaving as I would have expected

  • You made a goal to budget $500 per month and have budgeted zero. That's why the goal is asking for $500. Since there was nothing in the category -- no money reserved to make a contribution -- the category went negative. Right now, the red indicates that the money you sent off is still reserved for some other purpose in the budget.

    You also seem to have your Roth as an on-budget account, but it really should be a tracking account or not even an account in YNAB at all.

    I favor the simple approach of just treating these contributions like any other bill with just a category. A tracking account will not actually have the correct balance because of market value shifts and doesn't give you any more information than logging into the Roth website.

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  • To summarise the responses above. The transfer to a tracking account (Roth IRA in this case) is an expense on your budget and needs to be budgeted for. The transfer itself is not funding the category, you need to fund it just like your groceries category.


    I imagine you were expecting your available amount to increase throughout the year to eventually have $6000. This won't happen with a tracking account and the money is not staying on budget.


    I think this type of goal might be suitable for helping you track it. Then you know how much you have budgeted based on the goal and how much you need to transfer to the Roth IRA account based on how much is still available for spending.

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