So how many categories do you have?

I have 55

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    12 of which are temporary wish farm type categories.

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       That's in the main budget. I also have 2 other budgets (business and €).

  • 83!

  • I have 40 main categories and 29 additional wish farm type categories. The wishing well is always growing 🙈 

  • 36 including two credit card payment categories.  Many of which I don't budget for monthly but just move money from "stuff I forgot to budget for" when I want to buy something in that category so I can track what I spent.  Maybe next year I'll have enough data to budget them monthly as a true expense...

  • 63 plus 5 credit card categories:

    Monthly Obligations - 21

    Kids - 12

    True Expenses - 10

    Personal / Spending - 8

    Personal /  Saving - 4

    Side Hustle - 7

    Looking Ahead (Income for Next Month) - 1

  • To quote one of my favourite films: "69 Dude!"

    Although to be fair, I do need to look at having a bit of a shuffle around on some of those as I don't really use all of them.

  • 46, plus 3 in the wish farm and a bunch on the wish list.

  • 37 (38 including credit card) in 9 groups

  • 41 across two budgets and including the credit cards. (I thought this number would be higher 😅)

  • Wow - ok I thought I had too many!

    I actually run a small business, self employed so I combine my budgets - works best for my setup.

  • 52 across 8 master categories.

  • This is just my second month and I have 55.  I'm constantly adding and shifting things around.  Our Wish Farm is hidden right now because we are saving up for a house, but I secretly add items to it.  Eventually, I'll propose the idea to my husband and start putting money towards it.    Here's a breakdown and the order : 

    Giving - 5

    Everyday Expenses - 6

    Bills - Monthly - 11

    Debt Payments - 3

    True Expenses - 6

    Just for Fun - 3

    Bills - Annual - 9

    Savings (6 of these are trips or weddings that I know are happening this year) - 10

    Credit Card Payments - 2 (but they are paid off this month and will be hidden soon!! yay for combining finances with my new husband)

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