Account keeps freezing when I try to reconcile - too many transactions?

When I press the Reconcile button, it just won't process. It has been this way for days in this account. Is it because there are too many transactions? 

How many transactions can YNAB support? There are almost 7,000 transactions in this bank account. I manage another YNAB account that has even more, but it hasn't had any trouble. 


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  • Hey Beige Inspector ! Yikes, I'm sorry to hear that. This is specific to one account, or all? Is the other account you mentioned in the same budget, or a different one?

    Let's try a private browser window, or a different browser—do you still see the same delay?

    If that doesn't make a difference, please submit a Bug Report and our team would be happy to look closer!

    • Nicole Ok I realized I should give some more information. We had to re-import all 7,000 of these transactions, so now it is trying to reconcile 7,000 transactions at once.  I can see why it's having trouble. Is that something YNAB could handle for us on the back end? 

    • Beige Inspector Ah, that's good to know. In this case, the Bugs Team can look into the best way to move forward and what options are available. When you have a moment, please fill out the form above and they'll reach out to you via email!

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