Etrade connects but balance doesn't update from website

So I keep managing this connection, remove/re-add, etc but never can get it to update the current balance I have online with etrade.


Will this be fixed?

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  • Hey Turquoise Hail ! Is this an existing account? Or a new account you're trying to link?

    For new accounts, Starting Balances do show up incorrectly every now and then. It's an easy fix! They can be edited by double clicking on it right in the account register. If you find transactions aren't importing (or are continuing to import incorrectly), you can report a Bank Importing Issue and our Direct Import team would be happy to look closer!

    If it's an existing account that has gotten off track, follow the process to reconcile your accounts to make sure your account register in YNAB matches your bank's records. Let me know how it goes!

  • This is an existing account I already setup and it downloaded opening balance last month

  • Hello! YNAB doesn't update the balance of investment accounts when it changes due to market moves. 

    We certainly understand the motivation for tracking your net worth though, so here’s a simple way to manage these accounts without direct import:

    1. Set up the account as an unlinked Tracking account, if you haven't already (Tracking > Asset or Liability).
    2. Create a Scheduled Transaction to show your regular contributions or payments. (If your financial institution offers file exporting, you can also use our File-Based Importing feature in the web app.)
    3. Update the account balance like this as it changes, or as frequently as you’d like.

    I'm assuming this is an investment account, but I know E*Trade offers checking and savings products, too, so please let me know if you're working with one of those and we'll figure it out! (The best way to do that would be to report a Bank Importing Issue.)

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