shifted $ around and now budget is wonky!

Please help me see what I'm doing wrong!

I shifted money from a Line of Credit (tracking account) into a credit card (budget account) to  pay it off. 

Yes, I know, I still owe the $, but I'll pay less interest on the LoC than on the CC balance.

So I entered the transaction on the LoC as a transfer to the CC (top line/most recent entry):


This is what appeared on the other end, in the CC records:


In my budget, the amount is showing up red against the CC. 


How do I make YNAB "understand" that I didn't overspend on my CC (as indicated by the red-highlighted amount)?

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  • Categorize the inflow on your CC as Inflow:To Be Budgeted.

    Then, budget the amount which will show in TBB to your CC payment category.

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    • If you're one of those people who doesn't like to have that kind of money go through TBB, you could feasibly make a category called Debt Management, categorize the inflow to that, and then move the available from that category to your CC. 

      It just depends how you want it to show in reports. 

      The first way will show the money in your income field (which is not a problem - that's for paychecks, gifts, bonuses, money you find on the street, interest earned, inheritances, tax returns, etc. Basically, any money new to your budget, which this is, should go through TBB). 

      The second way will show a Positive activity in the debt management category, which will count towards expenses. 

      Both will show the same net at the bottom, but you can always choose to filter out the debt management category from the report if you wish. 

      I'm leaning towards doing the second option (inflow to Debt Management, move to CC payment) because of the reports. However, I know there are some people who are really stickers about putting everything (except reimbursements!) through TBB.

      Try categorizing it both ways, and see which report you like better. (Select transaction in CC register --> Edit --> categorize). Then move the money in the budget after you decide. 

  • I'm assuming you moved money from the LOC directly to the CC (as opposed to LOC->checking->CC). Categorize the inflow transfer as TBB in the CC account. It won't actually increase TBB as this is a credit account, and the budget (including TBB) is cash-only.

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