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Hi! Very excited to be using Ynab. I've imported years of data from RBC and categorizing it. How can one do an advanced search?

For instance, I'd like to find dozens of recurring transactions in the past with the name Insurance Company XYZ and the exact outflow amount $214. I tried entering this in the search box, but it doesn't deliver what I need: Company XYZ,  214

(The reason I need the outflow amount is that I need to categorize these are home insurance, but other transactions from the same company as car insurance.)

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  • I just did some experimentation, and came up with this:  


    Insurance  Company XYZ, Outflow: 214, 

  • I can't be bothered to remember the exact syntax so when I need to search over 2 different fields I do it in 2 steps:

    1. Search Company XYZ, choose the Payee field in the drop down menu, press enter.

    2. Add 214 to the search field, choose the Outflow field, press enter.

    This works for any field.

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      Ceeses Happy Habs this is the answer. You stack searches. 

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    There's a better answer to your question. 

    Start from today. Even though you can do what you're doing, it is not helpful or needed in order to use YNAB. 

    Put your account balances as of today. Make your money plan based on what you need to do starting tomorrow. Enter transactions which are pending today. Then go on entering transactions from today on out. 

    View the getting started materials and take the getting started webinar; it will help. 

  • Thank you for the help with the advanced search strings. It worked. I have a related question, but I don't want to mix up the threads, so I will ask a new question on a new post. Thank you, YNAB community! You're the best. 🙂

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