Double approve pending transactions, once on android and once on desktop

Whenever I have pending transactions, if I am at my desktop, I open ynab and approve them.  Then later on I see those same transactions needing approval on my android and on my apple when I had my iPhone.  Is there a way to stop this feature? It's annoying to have to do double duty.  If I approve it once I shouldn't have to do it again.   Thanks.

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  • Usually after a few seconds the app updates and syncs. There is no need to actually do it twice, it just has not updated yet.

      • Mr. Alex
      • mr_alex
      • 2 wk ago
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      SgtBatten That's what I would have thought but I have waited for 2 hours and it still did not sync.  Can I force sync?

    • Hi Mr. Alex ! You can pull down on a screen to force a sync in the mobile app, but if that isn't happening on its own after 2 hours, it probably won't do the trick. I'll reach out to you directly via email so we can troubleshoot this together!

      For anyone else with a similar issue, check out our troubleshooting steps for syncing issues.

  • Thanks for the assistance.  I've moved over to my iPhone 12 which I believe will have a better user experience than my android.  Even though a transaction was showing as pending, I could not go ahead and approve it on my Android but on my iPhone I had no issues.  Thank you.

  • I have noticed this problem on Android. Not sure if it has to do with the syncing times or the way my settings are on my phone (if data is not connected, etc.) but if I wait a second trying to "approve" transactions I already did on the web app it kicks in and syncs. 

      • lindsay_g
      • Beige_Banjo.3
      • 12 days ago
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      Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) I use YNAB, mostly, on Android and IPad. I do the pull-down-screen refresh thing and never have any problems. 

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