Forum Glossary

This handy guide will help you navigate the terms you’ll find often in our community—with links to additional resources. Our full YNAB Glossary lives in our Help Docs!

As of July 2021, we've updated some of the unique YNAB app terminology. Most functions are remaining the same, but how we refer to certain actions or features is different. The What’s New in YNAB Help Doc has the details!

  • To be Budgeted is now Ready to Assign

  • The Budgeted column is now the Assigned column

  • Goals are now Targets

  • Overbudgeted is now Overassigned

  • Quick Budget is now Auto-Assign

Direct Import (DI)

Direct Import brings in transactions to YNAB if you’ve connected your bank accounts. Transactions import once they clear your bank (which can take a day or two), so it's best to enter your spending right away. When transactions are imported, they'll match up with the ones you entered—and reconciling will ensure that no transactions have been missed between you and your bank.

Having trouble with a connection? Report a bank issue here. Our team is standing by to help!

Feature Requests

Do you have a feature request or feedback for YNAB? You can get your thoughts directly in the hands of our product team by submitting this Feature Request form.

OP (Original Poster)

The person who created the Forum discussion thread.

Ping/Mention (@)

You can “ping” or type @ to mention someone in a forum post, to make sure they see your message.

Stealing From The Future (SFTF)

When you assign money in a future month, then continue assigning more dollars than you have in the present, that causes Ready to Assign to be negative in the future. Your dollars can only be used once! Move money between categories instead. If Ready to Assign is negative in any future month, you'll see an alert in the inspector.

Whack-A-Mole (WAM)

Budget whack-a-mole is when you need to move money from one category to cover or prevent overspending in another. It’s all about Rule Three: Roll With the Punches.

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